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WELCOME to Luanvi Football Club KUMBA website!


Sonal Duval Motia

Chumache Rostant

Tataw Emmanuel Junior

Esambe Honock Ambe

Ewane Chales Asue

Franklyn Obale Oben

Ngalla James Njamsi
Fotso Quato Oliver

Njang Hope Eyong

Ebia Emmanuel

Atietie Olaliocho Olatiwa

Ngwa Rangy Amancho
Strikers Bowldwin Etchi Ndip Acheleke Atem Victor Agbor Kelvin Ngoh Victor Epie Neba Gilbert Nuamg Emmanuel Jaspa


Updated:28/03/2006 Home Away Total
Acada Sport Limbe 26
Nguti United Nguti 23
Tiko United Tiko 21
Luanvi FC Kumba 17
Shoting Stars Limbe 16
Nation Builder Moyuka 14
Botafogo Buea 8


Date Venue Opposition Score Scorer
16/04/06 Away Nguti United Nguti
3 - 1
Afietie Olatiwa
23/04/06 Home Acada Sport Limbe
0 - 1
03/05/06 Home Nation Bilder Moyuka
1 - 0
11/05/06 Away Posts FC of Buea (Cup)
0 - 2
K.Agbor, E.Charles
Away Dynamic Limbe (Cup)
0 - 2
K.Agbor, E.Victor
14/05/06 Home Fako F.C. (Cup)
4 - 1
T.Emm, W.David, A.Victor, E.Charles
21/05/06 Away Botafogo AFC
0 - 0
25/05/06 Home Mount Cameroon Jr (Cup)
3 - 2
D.Wirkom, V.Epie, A.Kelvin
28/05/06 Home Tiko United Tiko
2 - 0
D.Wirkom 2
04/06/06 Away Shuting Stars
1 - 0


28/05/06 Luanvi Kumba 2 v Tiko United 0
The match started at 4.30pm. At the twenty eight, penalty for Luanvi, Ewane missed it at the forty third minute Eyidi dribbled toTiko defenders passed the ball to Wirkom, who scored the first goal.
Half time Luanvi one, Tiko Nil.  Second half at the sixty five minute Eyidi went out and Jaspa came in and Luanvi maintained pressure, at the eighty second minute, a cross from Jaspa form the left flank, Kelvin headed the ball the defender held the ball with his hands. Penalty for Luanvi, Wirkom took the penalty and scored. Luanvi two Tiko Nil. Man of the match for the past four matches - Tataw Emmanuel.
Team Selection: 1. Chumache. T 2. Tobie 3. Obale . F 4. Esambe H 5. Ewane 6. Tataw E. 7. Nyenti M              8. Wirkom D 9. Eyidi R. 10. Epie . V. 11. Kelvin .A  Substitute: Sona D. ,Jaspa E. , Atem , Ebai,  Moses T.

25/05/06 Luanvi Kumba 3 v Mount Cameroon Jr 2
The match started at 3.20pm. At the forth minute, free kick for Luanvi and Wirkom scored with free kick from 25mt. At the seventh minute, decisive pass from Wirkom to Epie who has scored the second goal. At the eleventh minute, Mount Cameroon scored. At thirty second minute Mount Cameroon equalized.
Half time Luanvi 2 Mount Cameroon 2, second half, at the fifty second minute, pass from Wirkom, Kelvine scored 3rd goal. At the seventy second minute a kick by the Mount Cameroon player Eyidi he was replaced by Jaspa. At the seventy Fifth minute Atem replaced Kelvin, at the eighty two minute Mount Cameroon had a penalty, Chaumache caught the penalty. The game finished Luanvi 3, Mount Cameroon Jr. 2.
All fans were leaving satisfied.
Team Selection: 1. Chumavhe. T 2. Tobie 3. Obale. F. 4. Esambe. H. 5. Atietie. O. 6. Tataw. E. 7. Nyenti M. 8. Wirkom. D 9. Eyidi. R. 10. Epie. V 11. Kelvin. A  Substitutes: Sona D., Jaspa.E. , Atem , Ebai , Moses.T

23/04/06 Luanvi Kumba 0 v Acada Sport Limbe 1
From the view of spectators we have to say that the team is playing a matured football with good construction from both midfield and defenders sides. Unfortunately, we haven't been lucky this time, even we have played very good football, but we have finished without any scoring. Still, we have managed to entertain all our fans and supporters who have been amazed and delighted with the game and wonderful work presented by our first team players. There is a rumour going around that we might be very high competition for this year teams. We wish all the best to our players for the rest of season.

16/04/06 Nguti United 3 v Luanvi Kumba 1
After long and exhausting trip to Nguti for our fist league match, we have not performed as we were expecting. As we are in higher division and it is new for our team to compete in such level and also for some of our players was their first time to participate in a game of this nature, we are taking this match more as an introduction for the season starting, which we strongly believe will be very competitive and exiting.
Overall there were a few errors which we can rectify before the next coming game.