WELCOME to Luanvi Football Club KUMBA website!

This club has been founded in December 2005. Is situated in Africa in Republic of Cameroon.
Kumba is the fifth-largest city in Cameroon with a population of about 100,000.

Mr. Guillermo Ganet has decided to open this club in Kumba and associated with Berkhamsted Town Football Club in England, where he is at present the club chairman. This step should be beneficial for football community  as they may discover some new talented players and give them a chance to play more professional football. Also to help and improve living, health condition for people in Kumba by bringing them new business into their town. We hope that this beneficial action will be supported by all of you.

Mr. Guillermo Ganet the owner of the Luanvi Club in Cameroon thinks it would be a good idea to develop Football as a major sport in Cameroon.

The aim of the idea is to develop Football in the community of Cameroon and the benefit is because Mr. Guillermo Ganet as being the Chairman of Berkhamsted Town Football Club he will be able to help the club in the structure and plan.

Mr Guillermo Ganet aims to open a link with African countries started long ago as his own family left Africa when he was only 1 year old and since then he has the dream to do something for others in Africa.

He has opened a sport shop in Kumba where he wants to improve the community to obtain European products specially Football items to develop the Football skills, also he has the idea to created his own Academy where children will be able to learn Football and the discipline of the Football with qualified coaches.
His dream comes true when he will see his team starting the League in Division 2 and hopefully going to Division 1 where he can compete with the main Football teams in Africa.